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Compaq Presario 433

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CPU133 MHz AMD 5x86 P75 - Evergreen 586 packaging makes it compatible with the 486 PGA Socket
FSB33 MHz (or 25MHz) (Supports 5V CPU, Socket 486/1 compatible, running at a fixed multiplicator of these 2 speeds)
Memory20 MB (max 20 MB - 4 MB on board + 2 x (1, 2, 4 or 8 MB FPM 72 pins SIMM 60-70ns)
Bus16 bits ISA (not PnP) - 2 slots on a riser card
VideoCirrus Logic CL-GD5420 512K SVGA capable (800x600: 256 colors) built-in 14" monitor with inactivity timeout.
SoundStandard PC beeper
Microsoft Sound System (do not know it's capability) [not supported in OpenBSD]
Disk Controller1 x ATA controller [generic wdc driver in OpenBSD, standard master/slave capable]
internal 40 pin male connector [single hard-disk short cable provided]
CaseAll-in-One Computer
1 x 3.5 inch floppy drive
1 x half-height IDE hard-drive

I’ve found a replacement floppy drive which fits the unit and seems to be available in decent quantities on eBay – COMPAQ 160788-201

More on this one here.


Manufacturer Compaq
Manufacture Date 1993

Part of Collections Vintage Computers
Categories Computers & Video Games - Vintage Computers & Mainframes
Keywords Vintage Computers

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