Macintosh IIci - Front
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Macintosh IIci



My Frankensteined 1989 Macintosh IICI

3 completely written off Macintoshes went into this one.

Recapped and working, fully loaded with upgrades including:

  • Cache card
  • Display adapter + VBA adapter
  • AAUI Ethernet card
  • BlueSCSI HDD (So an SD card can be used to hold multiple virtual SCSI hard disks)

The floppy drive works too - a bit of blind luck as it's the controller board from one model floppy drive with the chassis/mechanicals of a different model floppy drive.


Year 1989
Manufacturer Apple
CPU Motorola 68030 @ 25 MHz
Model M5780
Part of Collections Vintage Computers
Categories Vintage Computers
Keywords Apple Macintosh
Condition Very Good

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