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Powerbook 150

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  • Processor: Motorola 68030, running at 33 MHz
  • RAM: 4 MB on board, expandable to 36 MB
  • ROM: 1 MB
  • Hard disk: 240 MB
  • Floppy disk: 1.4 MB
  • Systems supported: System 7.1.1 – Mac OS 7.6.1
  • ADB: No
  • Serial: Yes (1 port)
  • Modem: Optional (used for this model's expansion port)
  • Screen: passive matrix, 2-bit greyscale (4 shades) at a resolution of 640x480


Manufacturer Apple Computer Inc.
Manufacture Date 1994

Part of Collections Vintage Computers
Categories Computers & Video Games - Vintage Computers & Mainframes
Keywords Vintage Computers

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