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GADSKI To Collect & Preserve

Collectors are the custodians of history.

Some of history's most important artefacts have been preserved by passionate private collectors. A collector's dedication and interest in preserving their treasured subject is unquestionable - but there is one downside - the public doesn't get to share in it!
Gadski wants to change that. Catalogue and share your collection with the world, for FREE.

Gadski is a place to catalogue your collection. Upload high resolution photos, enter item specifics and create collections for other users to discover.

You can collect anything. Coins, trading cards, glass bottles, cool toys, seashells, even tanks! Whatever it is, your collection has a home on Gadski.

Find other collectors and share your expertise. Someone might be trying to research something you have in your collection right now - give them a hand!

Everyone's online museum

Collectors are a giant distributed museum. Private collections have led to discoveries centuries after being assembled. Make sure yours is documented for posterity!

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